About TRC

We are a non-profit, interdenominational, faith ministry providing Christian education to believers of all denominations. Our mission is to equip believers with knowledge about the Bible and with Christian life skills to know and to serve Christ better and be able to discern truth from error. We accomplish these goals by

1. Offering Bible studies and courses on Christian life skills open to anyone wishing to attend.

2. Providing curriculum for churches and small groups to use in their educational programs.

Our “flagship course” is The 7-7 Series, a seven-month study of the seven major subjects basic to understanding the Christian life.  No prior knowledge of the Bible is required to enroll, but graduates of the course have advanced knowledge of the Bible, the history and beliefs of various denominations, and the reasons to believe the Bible and the Christian faith are true. This ministry is supported by the gifts of God’s people who share the same vision and by dedicated volunteer instructors and assistants.


Robert O. Wahl received a B.A. in History from Wheaton College and D. Min. and M. Div. degrees from Denver Seminary. A seasoned pastor, educator, and consultant to many churches, Dr. Wahl has served both as a senior pastor and minister of education in churches in Minnesota, Kansas, and Colorado. Dr. Wahl has been a coordinator, presenter and exhibitor at the Christian Ministries Convention in Denver, Colorado and has published several articles in Moody Magazine and The Sermon Builder.  Dr. Wahl’s book, 7-7 Series, is in response to the alarming number of people he has observed becoming vulnerable to false teachings and alternative religions because they are not grounded in solid biblical teaching. The 7-7 Series helps people mature in their faith and in their biblical knowledge.  Robert and his wife make their home in Colorado. 


7-7 Series provides a grounding in seven subjects essential to understanding the Christian faith:
                 Bible Survey                            Church History         
                 Theology                                  Alternative Religions
                 Apologetics                              Discipleship
                 Postmodern Culture           
Excellent for new Christians as well as those who have been Christians many years, but have never studied these subjects thoroughly. The Benefits of the 7-7 Series are: Written in a style easy to understand and assimilate, even for lay people with no previous Bible study. Progressive – each unit builds on the previous one, so the learning process is time efficient. It is an “overview” of each subject with sufficient detail to provide a good basis for understanding the subject, but not so much detail to be overwhelming. 

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