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Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Beginning June 3, 10:00 a.m. on Zoom

We hold Wednesday morning Bible Study at 10:00 a.m. on Zoom. Previous students received an invitation via email. Anyone who hasn't attended our Bible studies, but would like to join us, send us your email to receive the invitation. Contact us by phone 281-6773, email: [email protected], or by clicking the Contact Tab and using the form.

Was There A Creator?

Postponed until further notice.
John Ivey, Instructor

Has the world always been here? If not, did it have a beginning? What does the scientific evidence reveal?


Christianity and the Religions of the World

You hear this everywhere: “All religions are the same.” Are they really? Our Post-modern culture would have us believe we shouldn’t try to “proselyte” people away from their religion because many paths lead to the same God, etc. How does this square with what Jesus said? What is there about Christianity that sets it apart from any other religion in the world? Please note:  Due to the current situation, we have postponed this class until further notice.

0 Days
9 Hours
59 Minutes
59 Seconds

August 20, 2:00 P.M.

Was There A Jesus?

More information to follow and location to be announced.

Thursdays, July 30 to August 27, 2:00 p.m.


This six-session class is an overview of the history of Islam, Islamic beliefs, and the threat radical Islam poses for Christianity and Western culture. Location to be announced.

The Story of the Church
Postponed until further notice

This is Unit 2 of the 7-7 Series tracing the history of the church from the time of the apostles to today. Learn about the great heroes of the faith, many of them martyrs. Completing this course will equip you to be able to trace the story of the church from its very beginning, how and why it has resulted in hundreds of different denominations, and how those denominations differ. 

What are the facts?

is it really dangerous?

how do you know?


We are experiencing an epidemic of vaping, especially among teens – the most vulnerable age when it comes to long-term effects. Out of concern for the health of our youth, we have asked Shawna Tracy, Chair of the Respiratory Care Department at Pueblo Community College, to do a presentation on the effects of vaping. Shawna has done much research on the subject. The presentation is postponed until further notice. We hope to see a good group of teens there, along with youth group leaders, parents, grandparents – anyone interested in the subject. Call our office, 281-6773, for further information.

All courses listed above will be taught by Dr. Bob Wahl (except when otherwise noted) and will meet at the Sunflower Bank, 831 Royal Gorge Blvd. in Canon City, unless otherwise noted.

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Our courses are free

The Resource Connection serves our local community and reaches world-wide with our books and videos. Through your support of this ministry, we can provide courses free of charge. Your contributions provide the curriculum material and other resources necessary to schedule these courses.

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